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AOL emails are one of the most reliable and fast way of communication to same or remote location for multiple types of data.  But due to some technical glitches email communication gets interrupted or blocked and aol sign in support can better describe and resolve it.

Email returned with error message from AOL- There can be various reasons when a user sees that emails are returning from AOL with some error messages. When sent emails from any AOL email account becomes undeliverable and returned, at that point of time the AOL postmaster generates an auto response which can be better understand with following example.

User can receive a message that says something similar to:


----- Transcript of session follows -----

... while talking to

>>> RCPT To:<(e-mail address)>

<<< 550 Mailbox not found

550 <(e-mail address)>... User unknown


Some common causes behind email returning are as follows-

  • Recipient is unknown. It means that email address to which user is sending emails does not exist on AOL server or has been closed or there is some mistake in user name etc.

  • One possible cause can be that mail storage space of user’s AOL account has been full.

  • One common reason is that recipient has blocked email address of sender so user is unable in email communication.

  • It might be possible that your site has got blocked from sending and receiving emails to the AOL service.

  • And many other reasons

Getting third party assistance is also a great and perfect option for quick resolving of issues. By making phone calls at our toll free aol support number 1-844-797-8692 users can be connected with best quality technical executives in order to find troubleshooting steps. Find detailed information from our web address.


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